Index Staff Playlist: Autumnal Acoustics

It’s officially fall, and with fall comes autumn music. Whether that be some soft acoustic indie or weirdo meme mashups, the Index Staff pick the song that sum up the season for them.

“In the Bed” by Dodie

Dodie is known for her beautiful harmonies, ukulele playing, and for writing songs about relationships, crushes, or exes. “In the Bed” is a sexy, original song with melodies that will make you melt. It’s the type of song you hear and then listen to on repeat at least five more times immediately after. 

“In the Bed” really showcases Dodie’s skills at relatability. As one YouTube commenter, Deiwos, said, “This has to be the most beautiful and bittersweet song about wankin’ that I’ve ever heard.” This song hits topics of sexuality and sexual attraction, thinking of someone while in bed, and wondering what that person would think of you if they knew. 

It’s about hoping and dreaming for someone to share a bed with. It’s about flirting and sexual desires. “In the Bed” is so much different from other Dodie songs, yet it’s so, so good. If you’re feeling sexy or are crushing on someone, you should definitely check this song out. — Grace Alexandria

“AC/VC” by Neil Cicierega

If we judge music solely by the extent it makes listeners experience emotion, Neil Cicierega is a master. His cursed meme mashup “Mouth” albums will either cause you to revile in extreme disgust or grin in extreme joy with no median. Cicirega’s mashups make terrible songs work together and are always arranged in the exact order to cause the most emotion, leading to songs and albums that are much better than the Frankenstein pieces that assembled them. “AC/VC” is one of the most egregious “Mouth” songs; it serves you expectations on a silver platter before immediately smashing your face into them. But that’s also what makes it one of Cicirega’s most memorable songs—and one of the best songs to start your journey through Cicirega’s wild, weird discography. — Quint Iverson

“Souvenir” by boygenius

Everyone knows that with the coming of autumn also comes the peak time for indie sad girl music. Wrap yourself up in your favorite sweater, walk amongst the fallen leaves, sip on your Pumpkin Spice Latte (it might be cliché, but damn if they’re not good), and tune your headphones into soft, emotional, poetic acoustic lyricism. And if you’re looking for the perfect sonic outfit for the occasion, look no further than the indie sad girl trifecta of boygenius, aka Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker. The indie supergroup’s self-titled EP came out two years ago now, but that little perfect package of six tracks has never stopped its rotation, especially around this time of year. “Souvenir” sees Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus trading intimate, personal verses over a beautifully constructed instrumental. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a seasonal existential crisis or a cathartic cry. Something I think we can all use right about now. — Bren Swogger


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