This Is Halloweekend: What Halloween Looks Like Now

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After spending Halloween in quarantine last year, students have returned to their usual Halloween festivities, on and off campus. This year, there were many ways for students to celebrate Halloween over the week of the holiday.  Several events were put on by campus organizations, like Delta Chi Delta’s annual viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Drama Club’s production of Boxer’s Haunted Mansion, and the Association of Latinx and Ally Students’ Baile de los Muertos. 

Many students participated in these events on campus, get-togethers off campus, and some even stayed home. Business Administration major and senior Shivani Patel chose to celebrate the holiday from the comfort of the living room. 

“I sat in Vanders and watched scary movies with my friends,” said Patel.

Other students, like Social Work senior Tasha Stuart-Shuman, opted to participate in the production of on campus events. 

“I was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast,” Stuart said. “That was really fun. We all dress up as characters. I played Columbia.”

Some students filled their Halloween weekend with several events, on and off campus. History and French double-major Maggie Trettin, who is a senior, celebrated with a little bit of everything. 

“I went to the Lazy Eye and I won the costume contest,” said Trettin. “I went to the production of Rocky Horror by Delta Chi Delta and got one of the best dressed pins, so that was exciting.”

After a year of missing out on holiday festivities, Pacific students got to spend this Halloween in the usual manner, with some modifications. Despite the holiday activities, students who attended on-campus events and public events still had to wear masks and be cautious, due to COVID still being a part of their reality. This begs the question, when will their lives return to normal enough to return to Halloween as they’ve always known it? Nevertheless, students still celebrated in a variety of ways this year as the month of October came to a close. — Kyla Wilson


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