This week, editors Ashley Meza and Isabelle Williams share their go-to moody jams for when the weather is nasty.

Numb” by Men I Trust

When it’s cold and cloudy outside, there is a specific mood I want to feel when listening to my music so it can match the weather. Men I Trust just knows how to capture the mundane vibe of a cold, cloudy, PNW day, especially with their song “Numb.” The low beats and soft sounds of the vocals throughout the song can be mesmerizing, and the lyrics carry a sad vibe and remind me of different types of numbness. This song is about an apology towards a partner for causing them pain. The artist and the partner in the song both experience a different type of numbness being on either side of a situation. One of the verses of the song reads, “In the morning, when our sheets are warm, I see a flower with no needles on (So far),” waking up going from the warmness of my bed into the sharp cold is a striking a metaphor for the hard emotions that one can feel throughout a relationship. — Ashley Meza

“What Once Was” by Her’s

Indie rock band Her’s is really coming into the bedroom pop scene in a big way this year. Their most popular song, “What Once Was”, is a mid-tempo jam from their 2017 record Songs of Hers, which is undoubtedly the most representative album of the group’s overall tone. “What Once Was”, which was most recently popularized on TikTok, features a melancholy repeated guitar riff over a juxtaposing, almost uplifting drum beat that will make anyone want to snuggle up in a blanket, listen to the rain, and reminisce about old times. Tragically, both members of the Liverpool-based group, Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, passed away in a car accident in 2019, so every time I listen to this song, it makes me a little blue. But what better way to feel on a cold, rainy day inside? — Isabelle Williams

Student Life Editor | + posts

Ashley Meza was born and raised in Portland and is a senior studying journalism. She is currently the student life section editor and hosts the Index Podcast. She holds the DACA Coordinator position at the Student Multicultural Center and enjoys making short films in her free time.

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Isabelle Williams is a junior at Pacific University who is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Theatre. She is from Astoria, Oregon, and enjoys writing about music and entertainment as well as investigative reporting.

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