Changing the World in Peace

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April summit teaches attendees strategies to engage in the community On April 6, the McCall Center for Civic Engagement will host its first Annual Spirit of Civic Engagement Summit, with the theme being “Balanced Activism: Staying Engaged without Being Consumed.” … Continued

United as One

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The details of this year’s Lūʻau and Hōʻike In Samoan, “tatou o fa’atasi” means “united as one.” It is the idea that everyone and everything is woven together. Through tatou o fa’atasi, people with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures are … Continued

20 Miles from the Epicenter

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A conversation about the fentanyl crises   On January 18, Portland declared a State of Emergency to address the fentanyl crisis that, like many west coast cities, has ravaged thousands; a potent synthetic drug, fentanyl deaths have raced upwards more than … Continued

To-Go Program Is Too-Gone

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Dining Services has put a temporary pause on the to-go box program Between packed course loads, long work days, and conflicting practice schedules, Pacific students have grown to rely on the to-go box program to get through the day. Whether … Continued

What is Going on With Pacific Priority?

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An explanation of the new Pacific Priority program Announced in an email on March 4, Pacific University launched a new undergraduate program called Pacific Priority. Directing its focus towards motivated students with the intent of pursuing academics at a higher … Continued

NCAA Sports Betting

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The DIII athlete’s sports bet the most among all NCAA divisions.     In 2018, the Supreme Court gave freedom to individual states whether to legalize sports betting. Including Oregon, 38 states have done so, with 29 allowing online wagering. It has … Continued