“Among Us” Characters Taped to Spirit Bench for Incredibly Online Reasons

A slew of paper notes with “Among Us” characters printed on them was removed from the Spirit Bench in late September, an act of protest later determined to be because this particular phrase was removed by moderators of Pacific University’s official instant messaging service Discord, Boxercord.

Let’s talk about…Trauma responses

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Let’s start with exploring what trauma is. The term trauma describes a variety of highly stressful, scary, or impactful experiences, which can be either a single event or series of events. For example, trauma can include incidents such as the … Continued

Bean Bags & Plywood

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Pacific University will be expanding its already healthy athletic program next year with the addition of a coed varsity cornhole team, according to an anonymous source in the Stoller Center. Athletic officials refused to verify or deny the addition. “It … Continued

Student Parking

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Pacific will say goodbye to sports and hello to free parking with President Lesley Hallick’s announcement that Hanson Stadium will be used as a parking lot. “Students have been complaining for years,” Hallick boasts. “But the sports teams have become … Continued