Don’t Get Me Arted

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…on why the Art Club deserves your attention!

Looking for an open space to be creative? Don’t want the heavy commitment of other clubs on campus? Then look no further than the Art Club. Every Tuesday, the Art Club holds an open studio in Brown Hall from 7-9 pm for anyone interested in creating. No matter if you are a beginner or more advanced, Art club happily provides you creative space.

   When I talked to Art Club Secretary Luciana Linares, I learned that the club’s main goal is to give students the space to create. Many students have very little room in their dorms to freely start/finish art projects. Not only does the Art Club have plenty of space, but they also provide whatever supplies you could possibly dream up. Linares told me that the numbers for the club have dropped from the beginning of the year, so each session has around five members. The club is hoping to draw a bigger crowd and get more people involved in art here on campus. Even if it’s just to work on your favorite coloring book, head to the Art Club and meet some cool people. The best part of all is that this club is free to participate in!

   Maybe creating art isn’t your style but admiring it is. November 5 and 6, the Art Club heads to the Portland Art Museum to check out the exhibits. The club’s budget not only covers supplies but helps pay for this trip. The members will head to Portland, enjoy some great food, and admire some beautiful artworks.

   Several members of the Art Club, such as President Helena Guerrero Sullivan, are using their art as a form of activism. Sometimes words are simply not enough to get a point across. For those who are considering art for a major or minor should strongly consider Art Club. With weekly meetings, it’s an easy way to express opinions and viewpoints through art that does not have to be for a class.

   Whether you need a quiet place to doodle after a day of classes, an area to work on artistic homework, or looking to start an amazing new project, the art club is the place for you. — Rylee Larson


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