Valuable Gifts at Valley Arts

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Check out this local gallery for unique holiday gifts

The semester is coming to a close, and you’re probably planning to visit family for the holidays. Whether you’re returning home for break or just stopping by, don’t show up empty handed. Take a stroll off campus to downtown Forest Grove to get this year’s holiday shopping done. Forest Grove has a handful of stores with a large variety of gifts, so there’s a chance you’ll find something for everyone. 

   I took a trip to Valley Art Gallery just a block away from campus to scope out some awesome gifts. The gallery features original paintings, prints, pottery, glasswork, metal work and so much more. It would be easy to find gifts for the whole family while supporting the community too!

   Established in 1966, Valley Art is a nonprofit and exhibits the art of over 100 local artists. The open floor plan of the gallery is inviting but interesting, and I spent some time admiring everything they had on display. 

   Their paintings are abundant, varying in style from artist to artist, each one worth a moment of examination. If you have some cash to spend, invest in a landscape of familiar Oregon landmarks. Your loved ones could proudly display a piece of your college home in their home. 

   If you’re not in the position to invest in an original painting, check out the pottery, perfect for anyone. Bring home a funky Michele Rigert piece for around $14 or a mug made perfectly for holding from a variety of artists. 

   Artist Deborah Bloom’s windchimes could be the perfect addition to any backyard; intricate, handmade designs ranging from $50-100. 

   For the loved one who loves to cook, check out Jobina Locock’s colorful aprons for $35, or her bags for $40-50. 

   Near the front, you’ll find handmade jewelry—an assortment of silver and beadwork, all ranging in price but all eye-catching and beautiful. 

   If you’re shopping on a budget, don’t worry. Valley Art sells many unique cards, for $5, or if you love art, purchase a beautiful print for around $20.

   I know I don’t want to go home empty handed, so I plan on stopping by Valley Arts to purchase some unique gifts. Will you? — Sophia Lewis


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