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Pacific University Spring Choral Concert Presents a Wide Array of Sounds

The 2023 Spring Choral Concert features four student conductors—and, each, more or less, bringing music from the four corners of the earth. Alexis Walker will lead a piece from the Prince of Egypt, while Kris Bumanlag will lead a piece in Tagalog and pay homage to his Filipino heritage. Colin Mejdrich will head an American folk song called “I’ll Be On My Way,” and a piece by the Kamehameha schools in Hawaii will be led by Ian Imamura, music in which only the Kamehameha schools of Hawaii are allowed to perform, but permission was allowed to the Pacific choir due to the large Hawaiian population, meaning the audience likely won’t hear the piece ever again.

   Along with the four student conductors, Dr. Scott Tuomi, the chair of Pacific University’s Music Department, and Judy Rose will contribute to the performance. Tuomi is the choir director for the chamber singers, while Rose will conduct the concert choir. Attendants will also be treated to performances relating to Black History Month, as the original scheduled concert was canceled due to snow. Gospel music, and classical music performed by the choir will be on display as well. Rose also will bring her choir from Catlin Gabel to perform at the concert.

   “Everyone’s supportive,” said Tuomi. “They like each other and they work really hard. Choirs are communities. They’re like teams; they have to work together.” He mentioned how these singers have been together for awhile, and although being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic

   “There’s also a tremendous sort of blend and balance within the group, and I think their sound is terrific,” said Tuomi

   The 2023 Spring Choral Concert will take place at 7:30 pm on Friday, April 14 in the Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center. The event will be followed by a reception with choir members and conductors. — Bjorn Bergstrom


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