Sara Dell Arti 2023

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Interdisciplinary art show promises space for all

Coming May 3 from 4-6 pm on the University Center Patio, a collection of music, poetry, paintings, and all kinds of art will be placed on display for anyone at the university to come and enjoy, along with presentations of the art. Put on by the Drama Club, Serra Dell Arti is a celebration of everything art-related. If anyone has a piece of art they weren’t able to share before or wish to share again, or want to see all kinds of art, then the Serra Dell Arti is the place for them.

   While the university is still recovering from COVID, and that did disrupt the event, Serra Dell Arti is an annual event held at the end of the school year to celebrate artists among the community here at Pacific. Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to both attend and participate in the event.

“It’s great for people that aren’t able to show off their stuff to other people,” said Ethan Won, President of Pacific’s Drama Club. “Like writers, often only other writers or faculty can see it. There’s a lot of self-contained mediums.” Won added, “It’s a way to foster people’s willingness to share art. It’s really friendly and open.”

   Not everyone at Serra Dell Arti has to present their work, nor does their work have to be an original piece. If a student wishes to practice reading poetry but does not have any poetry themselves, they’re encouraged to read any poetry they wanted. Though, a student could also still read their own work if they wanted, or present their drawing to the event. If not, it can still be placed on display around the tables that will be present at the U.C.

   Serra Dell Arti is a rare occasion wherein all art disciplines are able to come together and share their work. It is the hope of the Drama Club that Serra Dell Arti is not only the place for this, but a very kind and receptive place to all kinds of work.

   “It’s not a very selective event,” said Won “It’s open for anyone who might want the chance.” — Ashley Strobel


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