Hoops and Hopes

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Both Boxer Basketball teams have high hopes for the rest of the season ahead of them. Over the Winter break, the Pacific campus may have been empty of students, but the sound of a basketball on the hardwood still filled … Continued

Two Weeks in a Different World

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 Students travel to Navajo people reservation for the Winter Term course. Who knew a writing course could immerse you in the culture of a community you may never have known existed? From hiking a canyon to learning how to basket … Continued

Street-level Education

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Professor Boykoff’s Politics of Homelessness Course immerses students in the pressing realities of homelessness in Portland through both travel and classroom materials.  The distance between Forest Grove and Portland is approximately 25 miles. Students attending colleges and universities have heard … Continued

See You At The Kiln

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Wood-fired pottery is introduced to Pacific Fire crackles, and its warmth escapes, offering protection from Oregon’s frigid late autumn air. Several people gather around, holding cups of tea or coffee, and keep watch over the dancing flames.     However, this isn’t … Continued

Boxers on Ice

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The Pacific Hockey Team runs the table again! Pacific Universities Hockey team is 9-0 in conference play and having their no shocker of a good season. Their starting lineup consists of all seniors, Annie Berry, Zander Breault, Avari Schumacher, Chandler … Continued