Street-level Education

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Professor Boykoff’s Politics of Homelessness Course immerses students in the pressing realities of homelessness in Portland through both travel and classroom materials.  The distance between Forest Grove and Portland is approximately 25 miles. Students attending colleges and universities have heard … Continued

Boxers on Ice

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The Pacific Hockey Team runs the table again! Pacific Universities Hockey team is 9-0 in conference play and having their no shocker of a good season. Their starting lineup consists of all seniors, Annie Berry, Zander Breault, Avari Schumacher, Chandler … Continued

Next Up!

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The Women’s Softball team looks to rebuild this upcoming season with a new head coach.    With multiple head coaches in the past four years, Pacific University women’s softball has had a revolving door of leadership. And, after a tumultuous and … Continued

Benching the bench

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After controversial graffiti, the university struggles with unregulated free speech     On the morning of November 15, Pacific University students awoke to the Spirit Bench sprayed in Palestine’s red, green and white colors, circled by sliced watermelon, with “Free Palestine” written … Continued