A Letter From The Editors

“Our motto as the Pacific Index is ‘Speak Up. Be Heard.’ Our one priority has always been being a voice for the students and will continue to be. We aim to be a platform to uplift students’ feelings and focus on the changes they are trying to make. In the demand letter that many have signed on the Pacific Doesn’t Care website regarding the Sept. 16 letter from former student Carrie Taveira, it is stated that this is not an isolated incident at our university. The issues that have been brought to light go beyond the events that happened regarding Taveira. Students, alumni and community members are angry, and projecting their voices takes precedence. As a paper, we will be stepping back and looking at issues as a whole–regarding sexual assault reporting, racism and discrimination, as well as students’ feelings on the administration–rather than the specific details of Taveira’s case. We will continue to cover these events in a respectful manner, and to use this opportunity solely to lift up student voices and explore the larger issues at play.”

From the Co-Editors-in-Chief of the Pacific Index, Bren Swogger and Ella Cutter

As our goal is to lift up the voices of the community at Pacific, we welcome any comments, feedback, or concerns you may have regarding this or any other situation. Feel free to write us a letter with your thoughts and opinions and send it to letters@pacindex.com.


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