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Pacific Donuts is the Perfect Stop For Your Pastry and Beverage Needs

Fall is finally making its way to campus, and what could be more perfect than a donut and a tasty drink?

   Now, if you’re like me and desperately need something sweet and relatively cheap, then make your way to Pacific Donuts. Just a short walk from campus, it offers a great way to end a stressful day of classes.

   When I recently visited Pacific Donuts, my first thought was: “This place is extremely cute.” Bright colors on their windows advertise the different treats they sell such as donuts, smoothies, acai bowls, and espresso. An extremely Instagrammable table and chairs sit outside, where I took the best photos of my friends and me.

   I made my way inside, and realized that at first glance the shop appears very small. However, it’s welcoming instead of suffocating. Large, chalk menus hang high over the register displaying the shop’s large variety of donuts along with a very large selection of drinks. Their wide selection inspires creative choices. Pacific Donuts also happens to host an incredibly friendly staff.

   A donut shop has the potential to be the most aesthetically pleasing place you’ve seen in your entire life, but that would all be wasted if the donuts were bad. I am excited to let the people know that Pacific Donuts does not disappoint. Taking a bite into a warm Canela donut—their cinnamon and sugar flavored donut—might have been the best part of my week. Typically, they serve around 14 different kinds of donuts some of which include Chocolate Glaze, Violet, Vanilla Glaze, Hood, Dude, Vegan Dude. Make sure to stop by this fall to try their pumpkin flavored donut before the season ends! Nearly all of them are vegan, excluding the Dude donut which contains bacon (yum!)

   Pacific Donuts is perfect for students and staff with dietary restrictions in need or want of a delicious pastry. To those without dietary needs, I promise this donut tastes almost no different than the regular ones. I recommend ordering their four-pack of donuts to sample a variety of flavors and help defeat a sweet tooth.

   Being a tragically broke college student myself, the best part about these donuts is that they don’t break the bank. A four pack rings about at six dollars and a twelve pack at $15! — Rylee Larson


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