A New Boxer In The Kitchen

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Meet Head Chef Christian Salama

   “I grew up with a family of great cooks,” Christian Salama told The Index. “Mom, aunts and grandmothers who were quite passionate about food. It’s always been a huge part of our culture and my life growing up.” Born in Iowa to Egyptian parents, Salama is a first generation American.

  But although food was been a big part of his life, Salama went to Iowa State to become a doctor. He soon found that he didn’t have the passion of being a doctor like his father, though, and moved to Colorado for Culinary school, eventually working in Michelin starred restaurants in MGM Grand and Caesars palace for 10 years, before another decade-plus in Portland with Bon Appetit, the far-reaching catering company.

   And now, Chef Salama is excited to come to Pacific University—and to make some changes. What he is most excited about is the strong love for Asian cuisine here. “We have run sushiritos and poke bowls a few times,” he explained. “I’d like to implement a street food station that will rotate by various regions around the world. Also, after doing the ramen lovers night, I want to make noodles a regular thing; could be Pho night, ramen night, udon noodles, etc… I feel like the student body would enjoy that.”

   Even with all of Salama’s excitement and ideas, he would love to have student recommendations from the students. “If I wasn’t willing to take student recommendations on food, I definitely wouldn’t be doing my job,” he said. “I want the student body to look at the menus and be excited about coming in and eating.” — Nick Potts


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