What’s the Vibe? The Vibrator’s Impact On Clitoral Sensation

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Homecoming is a time of celebration here on campus; the Stoller Stadium is roaring with excitement and lit up with games, people are finally settling into their dorms and schedules, and we find little quiet with the buzzing of campus life. However, if you’re like me and your partner isn’t on campus with you, or you’ve been riding the single train, you learn to become more acquainted with being alone. Thankfully in the modern age, you’re never truly alone when you have a little silicone by your side.

   If you’ve ever been on the internet and had the disenchantment of encountering the type of person who blames their sexual misfortune with women on vibes, suckers, and dildos, then you may have wondered about the validity of the notion that the use or overuse of your little electric may cause desensitization to “the real thing.” The short answer is no, using your clitmaster 3000 won’t make orgasm during sex harder. Simply put, if you like vibing out, then vibe out.

   But if my words haven’t convinced you yet, let me take it a step further and say that clitoral vibrator use is actually healthier for you and your sex life than self-stimulation, which is even more beneficial than not doing anything at all. Ever heard of the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”? Well, it’s true; the less you use areas of the body, the less energy your body puts towards keeping those areas spry. As living organisms, our main goal is survival, so if you stop using a function or area of your body, your brain cuts it off like a trust fund kid after they drop out of college to allocate the energy towards areas of the body you do use. Bones can better conceptualize this idea; if you have ever broken a bone, you know that the area of your body that wasn’t allowed to move emaciated during its stay in the hardened sweat tube you called a cast. This same thing happens with brain neurons, which is why we are told to play chess and read books, so our brain doesn’t starve. Like brains and bones, the clitoris also degrades when out of commission.

   This isn’t to say there are no side effects from using vibrators, though; some people may experience trouble orgasming after repeated use with the same methods. If you have a vagina, you probably have specific things you need from masturbation or your partner to orgasm; or in other words, your genitals become used to a particular way of cultivating arousal. Through tried and true methods, our bodies (and minds) get accustomed to one way to cum, and if you’re using a battery-operated fun machine, those methods are largely unattainable from the organic method. Your clitoris isn’t numbed or broken; you just have to get into different routines to throw some heat back into your cookin’.

   So no matter how you diddle your skittle, whether you’re handy in bed or you go on dates with Ole Reliable, as long as you’re being safe and using your tools properly, you shouldn’t be experiencing any desensitization (though if you are I suggest a visit to your gyno-and as a side note-don’t forget to schedule your pap smears fellow flap-havers, cervical cancer ain’t no joke). So the next time you find someone whining about how, “Of course, men can’t make women cum anymore, they’re using jackhammers on themselves and expecting us to compete,” just remember-whoever is saying that just isn’t good at having sex. — Haley Berger


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