Kitchen and Table Class Helps Community Through Ceramics With The Boxer Bowls Sale

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Kitchen and Table, a four credit ceramics course offered at Pacific University, teaches students about sustainability and civic engagement through the creation of building functional pieces that would normally be found in a kitchen or on a table. Normally, the class partakes in an Empty Bowls event, but due to the pandemic, the class has gone virtual and is selling their wares and products through the new event, Boxer Bowls.

Professor Bernhard is grateful for his students showing great adaptability and willingness to make the best of their challenging COVID situation. Given the unique circumstances, students have had the opportunity to learn about selling their pieces online, as opposed to having their usual in person show. 

“Students have been really motivated by this project,” said Bernhard. “They have been putting in extra time and really refining their skills to create quality pieces.”

Students like junior Elizabeth Schueler have been working for several weeks and hours inside and outside of class creating ceramics for the Home Plate Youth organization. Throughout these past weeks, this course gave Schueler the chance to bond with her classmates and create new friendships while working towards a good cause. 

 “There are some pretty amazing people, who have done some pretty amazing things putting on a fundraiser that goes to a great cause,” Schueler said.

Lilian Clement, a junior at Pacific University majoring in exercise science, is grateful for everything art has brought into her life. The support from the Forest Grove community has been overwhelming over the years and hopes for the same success now that the sale is online. 

 “Art has been such an integral part of my life and I couldn’t imagine supporting such an amazing community and project with my art,” Clement said.

All profits made from the event will be donated to the charity Homeplate Youth. Homeplate Youth is a local non-profit which helps children experiencing homelessness or housing instability. As a non-profit, they educate, empower and build a community for homeless youth as well as provide them with access to services and resources to turn their situation from long term homelessness or housing instability to short term. 
The Boxer Bowls sale event started on November 3rd and will run through the rest of the semester. Visit to purchase bowls for the sale. Visit to get more information on the non-profit organization. — Emily Rutkowski

Photo: Berry Bowls by Miranda Wessman available on


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