Greek Life Wraps Up Pledging Season

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Greek Life is an important institution at each university, and Pacific is not different. Although the past year has changed that way that Greek Life operates, with the lifting of some restrictions this year, the chapters were able to welcome new pledges in a way that felt more normal. 

Greek Life saw 40 new pledges across all chapters this year, as opposed to the COVID-19 year in 2020 when they only got 12-14 members. 

“We had at least two to three times as many pledges this year compared to last,” said Greek Senate President Kathleen Ward. “I feel like this is a really good year to join Greek life and make those connections again.”

Ward is also the President of the sorority Theta Nu Alpha, which received nine new members. The rush events they planned for this year included a trivia night, a pumpkin painting party, and a tater tot night where active members carpooled to McMenamin’s with the pledges. 

The sorority Alpha Kappa Delta saw 12 new members this year, according to member Abby Ryan. 

Britt Miller is one of the students in charge of pledging events for sorority Phi Lambda Omicron. The main themes for their pledging process are sibling love, bonding with the current pledge class by doing crafts and making baked goods together, and getting a feel for sorority responsibilities like running bake sales. 

“We have five new pledges this semester, which is great,” Miller said. “For the rest of the year, we plan on continuing to do bake sales, finally, and figuring out the details behind running blood drives during COVID so we can finally start doing that again.” 

Phi Lambda Omicron hosted three events for their pledges: a self-care night complete with nail polish and hair care, a Sunday brunch and a jukebox karaoke night where pledges got to dress up as their favorite artist. 

Looking forward, the Greek life organization as a whole wants to focus on campus safety as an overarching goal. Some chapters plan to do safety parties to bring awareness to safety on campus. Members are also working to get more lighting on campus. — Ella Cutter


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