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Get To Know Pacific’s Transfer Students As Office of Transfer Student Services Celebrates National Transfer Student Week

October 17-21 was National Transfer Student week, and the Office of Transfer Student Services put on a series of events in appreciation for Pacific University transfer students and their unique journeys to and through Pacific. The Transfer Club played volleyball, gathered for a BBQ luncheon, took a trip to the Sauvie Island Corn Maize, and more. The Pacific Index caught up with a few transfer students to share the diverse interests, pasts, and journeys that they bring to their classes and student organizations at Pacific. Although the National Transfer Student Week is past, it’s never too late to get to know a transfer student in your class, or come say hi at the Transfer Student Lounge!

Kaila Cursos, Junior, Kinesiology Major

When Kaila graduated high school, she first tried to study in massage school but finding that she couldn’t care for patients as comprehensively as she wanted to, she ran off with the circus! She has performed around the world, including with the Portland-based band MarchFourth. Today, Kaila enjoys training in the Pacific dance rooms on her breaks. She plans to apply to Pacific’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The biggest challenge she faced transferring to Pacific was the one hour and 20-minute commute from Grand Ronde, but thankfully she is getting an apartment in Forest Grove to be closer to campus. Her favorite things about Pacific are the close relationships she can form with her professors.

Marisela Lopez, Junior, Public Health Major

In high school, Marisela didn’t particularly want to continue her education—until her school’s AVID program basically required her to sign up for PCC. When Pacific awarded Marisela a four-year full ride scholarship, she couldn’t turn the offer down. Arriving at Pacific, Marisela was surprised to find so much support for transfer students, such as the Transfer Student Lounge. Marisela commutes from Hillsboro, and said that while it doesn’t affect her academics, it does affect her participation in clubs and organizations—many of which meet late in the day. She enjoys the on-campus events such as Around the World and plans to apply for the Physician Assistant graduate program.

Carmella Desean, Senior, Public Health Major

After getting her Associate from Clark College, Carmella transferred to Concordia University. Forced to accept short shrift on her transfer credits and take on student loan debt, Carmella was then left in a lurch when Concordia closed its doors less than a year later. At Pacific, she has felt welcomed and safe, and has been impressed by the dedication of Pacific’s academic and financial aid advisors. She enjoys being a part of Pacific’s Cheer team. Carmella is the Interpersonal Violence Resources Co-Chair and completed a rewarding internship with CGE connecting students with resources, such as stocking all campus bathrooms with feminine products.

Kortney Moore, Junior, Environmental Science Major

Returning to college after six years working as a pharmacy tech, Kortney balances her job at the OHSU Tanasbourne Hospital Emergency Department as a critical care pharmacy tech, her job as Treasurer for the Transfer Student Club, and a heavy pre-pharmacy and toxicology course load. She chose Pacific for its three-year accelerated PharmD program. Her only regret is that she didn’t return sooner, as she has found a welcoming community which she can relate to among the transfer students and the OTSS. When Kortney isn’t saving lives at the hospital or working in the OTSS, she is out hiking, ice climbing, and summiting the major peaks of the Pacific Northwest.

Emily Kresin, Junior, Environmental Biology Major

Transferring from the 300-student women’s Cottey College in Missouri, Pacific is the perfect balance between a small college social environment and expanded opportunities for Emily. Pacific’s undergraduate research and environmental science program drew her here, but Emily quickly fell in love with the verdant campus. Aiming to finish her Bachelors in a total of three years, she wasted no time getting involved on campus; Emily is the new President of the Students for Environmental Activism Club and works for the Boxer Gardens and greenhouse—and she just landed an internship as a tree analyst for Downtown Partnerships, a nonprofit in Hillsboro. She also recently enjoyed exploring the Banks-Vernonia bicycle trail and paddleboarding Hagg Lake. — Lane Johnson


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