Primary Storyteller for Pacific Returns

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Blake Timm, alumni and former Sports Information Director is back and ready for his new journey ahead.

Blake Timm has a history with Pacific University—as an undergraduate student and then a decade in the school’s sports department. But he has been gone for nearly a decade. This fall, Timm has returned to campus as the new Associate Director of Communications.

   The Index: After working at Pacific for 16 years as the Sports Information Director, what and how has the sports department changed from when you first started the job?

   Blake Timm: There are two things that I think have changed the most since I left the Pacific sports information office eight years ago. The first is the reliance on video as a medium. In 2015, we streamed a number of athletic events, recorded and posted interviews and put together highlight packages. But there wasn’t the desire for the shorter form social media videos that we see now (think Instagram and Tik Tok). Now you need to think about video for just about everything. The second is the writing itself. We are in a sound-bite short attention span society, so in any media, you have to write with that in mind, especially in athletics. 

  The Index: What made you want to come back and work here at Pacific?

   BT: I am an alumnus of Pacific (Class of 1998) and there is always something special about working at your alma mater. When the associate director of communications job opened, I wasn’t looking to take another job. It was a position, though, that checked all of the boxes. It allows me to write more features, which is something I love and was missing in my previous position. It also gives me a chance to stretch my skills outside of the athletics realm, researching and creating stories on the great work that Pacific students, faculty and staff do here.

   The Index: What was your reaction when you found out you were selected into the CSC hall of fame in 2020? 

   BT: It was a surreal moment and, to this day, it is hard to believe that I am considered part of that Hall of Fame group. Throughout my professional career, I have tried to perform at a high level and hold myself to a high standard. To be named a CSC Hall of Famer means that the work it takes to be at that high level paid off. To be listed among the names of so many people I look to in the profession and people that I consider friends is a great honor. Sixteen years of that career was here at Pacific. That means a lot to me. I hope that the work I did represented Pacific Athletics with honor.

   The Index: Could you explain what the Pacific Legends Classic event was, and what your role was during the event?

   BT: Pacific University Legends started in 2006 as a two-day dinner, auction, concert and golf event to raise funds for Pacific University athletics. Trustee Tommy Thayer lent his name to the event and used connections and star power as the lead guitarist of KISS to bring other celebrities out in support of Pacific.

   During its 10-year run, I spent six years as one of the public relations leads on the event along with the university’s media relations director (Linda Saari at first, and then Joe Lang). We were extremely successful in placing participating celebrities on local television and radio, talking about the event and Pacific University, procuring media sponsorships and providing local media with unique one-on-one access to the visiting celebrities on the days of the event. I am proud of the work we did as a team on Legends and the name recognition it brought to the university.

   The Index: What has been your favorite high-level sports game that you have been a part of the media relations team for. 

   BT: I have been incredibly blessed to be part of some of the biggest events to have come through the Pacific Northwest in the last 25 years. As a former track and field athlete and fan, to be part of many of the events that TrackTown USA has hosted over the last 15 years has been exciting. I was part of the media team for the Prefontaine Classic last weekend and watched two world records and numerous national records set. The 2022 World Athletics Championships was an incredible experience. Outside of the Olympics, there is no bigger stage for the sport. 

   The Index: If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

   BT: I am the master of the dad joke. I think my daughters would agree that it would be my superpower.

— Olivia Azzollini


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