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Pacific University has been recognized as one of the top schools in the nation in regards to Transfer Friendliness

   Pacific University takes pride in their transfer students and the transfer program as a whole—and that effort and care was recently put in the spotlight as Pacific was recognized for “Transfer Friendliness” by Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society; one of 208 colleges and universities to make the list, and the only Oregon private university to earn the honor. The recognition was based on a number of factors that Pacific met, like degree completion, campus life for transfer students and admission practices.

   Pacific boosts a remarkably large transfer population, with 80 new transfers to the undergraduate program this year, and a total of 314 current students; roughly one out of five students. 

   Danica Schmidt, a senior who transferred from Lower Columbia College in Longview Washington shares “It was overall a pretty smooth experience. My credits all transferred over well. I could tell Pacific had dealt with transfer students a lot in the past. It seemed like everyone I spoke to had a good amount of experience. They were always willing to help.”

   Certainly the Transfer Department is one element for transfers success; but the school itself and its environment are important as well. “The campus here is much bigger than my old school and that really stood out when I transferred here,” Schmidt shares. “I also felt like the campus is always busy and overall pretty welcoming.” 

   Just like Schmidt, fellow Senior transfer Isaac Pak shares what made him feel at home. “I had to take proactive steps to get in touch with my advisors and after that I got amazing help that made the process very smooth. I think my best experience after transferring to the Pacific was experiencing how great the community is here on campus,” exclaimed Pak. “I didn’t know what to expect in my first few weeks on campus, but I soon found that everyone here was willing to help me find my way around and saw many happy faces all around. This all resulted in me feeling like I have been here for years and felt very at home.” 

   Ayden Ruminski is a Senior Transfer student from Centralia College, a small school in Western Washington. She shared with the Pacific Index that his way into the school was very respectful and helpful. “I felt a good sense of respect, especially as a transfer student. Justin McRobert helped me find scholarships based on what I did at my junior college, Phi Theta Kappa, to make school more affordable,” Ruminski explained. “Before I came to Pacific I had only visited the campus once, and Justin helped me with a lot of the transfer process, as well as helping me find scholarships to make school more affordable.”

   The transfer department is always available for transfers interested in making their way into Pacific University as well as for their students who have already settled into Forest Grove. Clark Hall located across from the UC is where the Pacific University Office of Transfer Student Services is located and open for questions. — Zander Breault


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