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Alumnus Rob DeCou ‘05 will share his story with Pacific

  From completing the world’s most strenuous ultra-endurance competitions to becoming the co-founder of video and virtual reality studio Lux Virtual, there is seemingly no end to alumnus Rob DeCou’s list of accomplishments. And, on December 6, DeCou’s journey will take him back to where he was 18 years ago: Pacific University. However, this time, not as a student but as a speaker. 

      The Alumni Association’s Old College Hall Speaker Series will feature DeCou and his presentation, “Resilience: A Journey through Entrepreneurship and Ultra-Endurance Endeavors,” in its upcoming lecture. This is the last orator event the association has planned for this semester, bestowing a promising end to the semester. 

   “This person had a life well lived,” Martha Calus-McLain, a member of the Alumni Association, explains. “[DeCou] does these massive physical feats that are extraordinary. And I want students to know that their future should be a life well lived.” Between DeCou’s magnificent acts of endurance and pursuing his dream career path, the hope is that students feel inspired by his lecture and aim for greatness. 

   “Well-lived” could not describe DeCou’s life more aptly. He competes in some of the world’s most challenging, not to mention dangerous, ultra-endurance competitions; among them is Uberman, the world’s most strenuous ultra-triathlon, of which he became the seventh person globally to complete. He also partakes in a 3,000-mile bike race called Race Across America. 

   But the last thing on DeCou’s mind while competing in these races is recognition. Every race he enters is for a greater cause. He has helped raise awareness and money for the Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign and IN OUR BACKYARD, a non-profit that fights against human trafficking. 

   In addition to DeCou’s athletic and humanitarian achievements, he is a prolific entrepreneur. DeCou is the co-founder and executive producer at Lux Virtual, a company that provides businesses the means to present their projects through video and augmented reality. 

   DeCou’s journey is chock-full of outstanding and selfless achievements, fitting right in with Pacific’s values. “The hope [for the series] is that we will have a variety of people speak who are part of our community,” Calus-McLain reflects. “We are a community of caring. I think the work he’s doing through all of this is just so much in the spirit of who we are.” 


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