Pave Paradise: Clear Out the Parking Lot

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Hop on a bus and join the fight against climate change

The Center For a Sustainable Society is encouraging the community at Pacific University to get involved in the fight against climate change by opting for public transportation when commuting to campus. 

   A media campaign led by CSS Team member Nikko Macklin invites community members to support sustainable transit services in the Portland metropolitan area. These services include TriMet and GroveLink Connection. Students and faculty can sign up to take a pledge to cut down on personal vehicle use and start utilizing more climate-friendly options like carpooling, cycling, public transportation, and walking. 

   The CSS is offering the chance to win a $50 gift card for those who take the online pledge. In addition to reducing our community’s carbon footprint, supporting public transportation services also benefits our economy and promotes public safety. 

   According to the American Public Transportation Association, “​Every $1 invested in public transportation generates $5 in economic returns.” Households that give up a personal vehicle in favor of using public transit can save $13,000 or more. Public transit also holds multiple benefits for the individual rider. The APTA notes that making the switch to public transportation can drastically reduce a person’s chances of being injured in an automobile accident. Public transportation also provides the opportunity for socialization and forging better connections within the community.

   Lastly, using public transit supports individual health by providing the opportunity for daily exercise for riders who walk or bike to their bus or train stop. Pacific University students and faculty can find more information about transit options and bus schedules for GroveLink Connection and TriMet at


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