Joji’s “The Extravaganza”: A Live Streamed Entertainment & Concert Experience

Online concerts are the perfect “outing” for introverts, short people, and people who are generally anxious or who have claustrophobia. I happen to be all of those things, so I was really excited when I heard that Joji was doing an online concert. These events allow the audience to all have front seat tickets for a fraction of the price and also to feel a little bit of normalcy in these weird times. Online events also let musicians connect with their audiences without having to risk their own health or their viewers’ health, which is super important right now. 

Popular musician and comedic genius Joji recently created an online concert experience called “The Extravaganza.” This was an exclusive, one night event that took place on October 23rd. I purchased my ticket for 17 dollars as soon as the event was announced, as Joji is currently my favorite music artist. 

Over the past month, Joji had been teasing the event with short clips of him doing things like wearing a Minions costume, showing off a dunk tank, and even one of him and some friends driving dirt bikes and four-wheelers. Needless to say, I don’t think anyone knew what to expect when attending the concert. The concert was for Joji’s new album Nectar, featuring songs such as “Run,” “Sanctuary,” and “Gimme Love,” but it was so much more than that. 

The concert kicked off with a pre-show that had Joji’s music videos for his new songs and segments where mentalist Brad Baker did some magic tricks. The main event lasted an hour and featured appearances from Baker, an opera singer named Giovanni, and even Justin Timberlake, although Timberlake was shooed away throughout the show as Joji “couldn’t afford him.” 

With the show being online, it allowed Joji to flex some of his creative and comedic talent. He wore a horse costume during his performance of “Attention”, was a referee for a wrestling match during “Pretty Boy”, and even ran through an obstacle course and on a treadmill while singing “Run.” While singing “Your Man”, Joji cooked what looked like an omelet, although it didn’t look very edible. He even sang “Sanctuary” while sitting in a dunk tank with people throwing baseballs to try to dunk him. If that doesn’t tell you how crazy and entertaining this event was, Joji even stabbed someone at the end of the performances. 

Part of what makes Joji’s music so good is his personality and the creativity behind his work. He isn’t afraid to play around and make storylines for his music videos or perform skits on a livestream event. Hosting an event like this while everyone has been stuck at home with low morale was genius and a perfect way to connect to his audience. — Grace Alexandria

Photo: Joji presents a One Night Only Event: The Extravaganza


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