The Best Part of an Otherwise Terrible Year

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The year 2020 is coming to a close after numerous challenging months, which included the outbreak of COVID-19 and the United States 2020 election. The slow approach of the new year, and by extension, the end of the fall semester in multiple universities nationwide, has brought sighs of relief from many. However, despite the hardships, there are always positives to look back upon fondly. 

For me, one of those positives was getting the chance to attend Pacific University. As an individual hailing from Hawaii, Pacific University is well-known among students there who are considering their college choices. Pacific University itself is known for its large Hawaiian student population. As such, many acquaintances of my family have or have had children who have attended and graduated from Pacific University. After I settled down and began working on my degree here, I was able to form connections with those who had graduated from the University prior. Overall, my rapport with these acquaintances still remains at that level; however, it has the potential to become something more due to similar experiences.

In regards to Pacific University, I have had many wonderful interactions and experiences, remote and online as they were. The one that stands out to me the most is the tutelage in music that I received from Leslie Green, a music professor at Pacific University. Growing up, I always had an affinity toward singing; it was my love for that which introduced me to the world of theater and performing arts. However, as I grew older, I began to sing less and less. After I left home and enrolled in a new university, I made the resolve to rekindle the passion that inspired me in the first place. With Professor Green’s guidance, not only was I able to grow as a vocalist, but I was able to find some measure of comfort within my old hobby, especially during times as turbulent as our present year. — Max Pennington


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