Forest Grove During the Summer

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Many students stay around Forest Grove in the summertime, with no school or sports; what is there to do in the Grove? Luckily, the Pacific Northwest has some of its best weather in the summer months. Forest Grove is situated in the valley outside portland, close enough outside the city and far enough away to not be in its craziness. Forest Grove inspires you to get outside and become adventurous. Last summer was my first summer in bearable weather, coming from Arizona. I picked up long-distance running in the summertime because I could run any day, at any time. I quickly found out that Forest Grove has many beautiful routes, and they continue to get more impressive the farther you get in. There are plenty of running routes that take you through the back roads of the green hills in wine country and past the lavender growing on the side of the road. If you don’t like to run, many of these routes are paved, bikeable, and driveable. Henry Hagg Lake is only a ten-minute drive from Pacific’s Campus. The lake is surrounded by grass, making it a good place for tanning or even a picnic. The lake is well known for swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking. All summer, the Outdoor Pursuits are open for rentals, ranging from tents, sleeping bags, stoves, surfboards, and standup paddleboards. The various selections are reasonably priced, and Pacific students are offered a discount for rentals. Outdoor Pursuits is across the street from the University on 21st Ave. You can even rent a day pack from Outdoor Pursuits for 5 dollars and head a little over an hour to the coast for a hike. The outdoor adventures are all around you when you live in Forest Grove. I know as a student that it is hard to find time to get out and explore your home when you have so many other school year commitments. I also know how boring Forest Grove can seem when you never have time to leave campus, and the free bowling on Thursdays seems like the best event offered. So, if you decide to stay in Forest Grove over the summer, explore. — Emily Rutkowski

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