The New and Improved BoxerOnline

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Boxer Online has gotten a facelift just in time for advising. Besides being easier to navigate, the new website makes everything from planning your schedule, searching for classes, and registering more straightforward than its predecessor. Its user-friendly redesign gives the class-search experience a much-needed efficiency boost. It is quicker to navigate, simpler to read, and doesn’t look like the website made it in 2003 anymore. 

“It’s a lot easier to look at, but also it’s just easier to find stuff. The blue hyperlinks were so hard to look through, and now it’s way nicer. I like it a lot better,” said freshman Jaxxon Biscay. 

Students and faculty have stated their concerns with the website’s clunky design, but this new website fixes all those problems. With a sidebar and a neater, more organized home page, this new “future” Boxer Online looks to be welcomed by everyone. 

“I like how all the tabs can easily connect; I can just search for my classes and then easily drop them on the same page,” said Freshmen Andie Howard. 

The financial aid tab is now easier to navigate, and it is much clearer to see what you need to fill out and what you completed or are completing. “It made advising so much easier because I could just actually search for classes and see the schedule on the side; it’s more digestible,” Biscay said.

When checking classes, it is quicker as they have gotten rid of all the small drop-down windows that don’t take up enough space and made them easy to read by making them much more prominent. The old Boxer Online misused a lot of space on your screen, leaving you with large portions of blank, white nothingness, but the new “future” Boxer Online fills that area, creating a more easy-to-read experience altogether. 

“You couldn’t visualize anything, and you would have to write down your schedule physically; it was hard to read and use, ” said freshman Betta Minervini. — Dyllun Grundon


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