Fall Sports Poised to be Back

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Pacific’s spring sports are holding out hope for a season in January, despite many disruptions to their fall schedule practice. 

There are many factors coaches had to take into consideration to return to practice. From how many players are allowed to be at practice, to wearing masks in the gym, coaches have their hands full. Softball coach, Elizabeth Yandall, seems to have found a way to get her players active in softball while keeping them safe. According to Yandall, the task force the school has put together to return students to their sports has, “been putting together a return to athletics plan [that] happens in stages.” Her team started with a “seven day acclamation plan” to ease students into practice and have moved on to small group practices with limited usage of and sharing of softball. Hopefully, in the near future athletics will be able to return to full practices with all players and less ball constraints.

To most people, all these restrictions would be extremely frustrating, but freshman softball team manager Sydney White thinks, “most athletes are just glad to be able to practice and play and have a chance to play in the spring regardless of circumstances.” This is a huge testament to the spirit of Boxer athletics and the love students have for their sport. Despite COVID, many students understand that these rules are necessary for them to be allowed to practice.

Hyland Musengo, a Freshman lacrosse player also shares Sydney’s view that even though, “We can’t touch the balls with our hands and we’re split into groups, it’s super fun and everyone is really nice.” It is hard for the team to practice as usual because they are not allowed to make contact with each other, and have just been authorized to use sticks, but it seems the team is adjusting well to COVID guidelines and are hopeful for what the spring will bring.  

Spring sports teams still do not know if they are going to have a spring season, but until we know anything concrete, athletics will continue to push through the Fall season. — Marissa Liao


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