Boxer Giving Days Generates $115,000 for Boxer Athletics

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In a semester with no sports, Boxer Athletics had their first win of the year in Boxer Giving Day. A two day fundraiser for all Pacific athletics between October 21-22, donors could donate to specific teams or the Boxer athletic program as a whole.

“I think the event was very successful,” said Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) President Kali Barber. “We had a goal of 250 donors and we surpassed that and had 841 donors with a rough dollar amount of $115,000,” added Barber. 

The idea was first posed by Athletic Director Keith Buckley and Senior Associate Athletic Director Lauren Brownrigg and was further pursued through SAAC. “I think I was a little surprised with how many people donated,” said Barber, as the event met their goal of 250 donors within the first three hours of the event. 

Barber pointed to teams advertising the event through their social media accounts as a huge help in getting the word out, saying “ I think each team bought in very well and used their social media to the best of their ability.” She added “Everyone spread the word the best they could with it being a two day event! ”

Athletic Director Buckley posted a video to send his thanks to the Boxer Community for their donations at the end of the fundraiser. “I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the overwhelming support that was put on display in this campaign,” Buckley said. 

He added, “Our student-athletes, coaches and staff truly appreciate all of the parents, alumni, staff and friends that showed their Boxer pride in this inaugural event. Pacific athletics is better today than it was yesterday and that is because the Boxer Nation showed up in supporting the student-athlete experience.”

As for SAAC, Barber says they are, “doing everything we can to keep the athletes engaged and together as much as possible.” She also said,  “we just have to wait and see what happens in the next couple months and how we can keep the athletes engaged and do more events. ”

Boxer Giving Day has become the highlight of the fall semester for Boxer Athletics with the amount of money made. With no sports happening this fall, this is the next best thing, but athletics remains hopeful we can see sports in the spring. — Joey Balleweg

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