How To Win Your Fantasy Football League Every Time

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With the NFL season in full swing, fantasy football is back along with it. Fantasy football is a game in which NFL players are drafted to earn points for a team based on how they play. A big game means big points.

To start every fantasy league there is a draft, which will determine the success of a team. The first priority should be drafting a running back, as they are the most reliable for big points every week. Most running backs carry large loads on every offense and will consistently have the ball in their hands. The next two draft picks should go towards a wide receiver and quarterback because both will put up big points each week because of consistency of touches each game. After the third round, look to pick up depth at all positions and a late value tight end. Tight ends are at a surplus in the NFL, so there are many reliable options later in the draft. Drafting depth can be anything from rotational players who put up consistent points, to taking a risk on a player who hasn’t proven themselves yet but has potential to have a breakout year–this could be rookies or a player who has been moved to a better team or a different scheme to fit their style of play. The last two things to worry about in the draft are kickers and a defense. While they are important to the game of football, it is rare that they will put up loads of points, causing them to sit on the draft board for a longer time.

Another important strategy is prepping your lineup properly each week. Before deadlines for changing your lineup, check your lineup for injuries or bye weeks because if they are not playing, they cannot put up any points. If your offensive players are playing bad defensive teams, it would be wise to put them in your lineup and same goes for defense. Being successful comes down to a lot of luck but can be strategically influenced, therefore this is the most successful strategy to use. — Casey Green


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