Intramural Sports Are Back

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Students at Pacific University are taking advantage of intramural sports being offered once again since COVID-19. The program provides students with an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports competitively against each other. This semester there have been a total of 230 participants in the variety of intramural sports offered. 

Intramural sports are not just a way to get involved in sports but are also a way to learn a new sport in a competitive but relaxed environment. Current senior, Justin Nalaielua took up the opportunity to learn the game of soccer having limited experience prior. 

“It’s very welcoming, especially if you’re not very experienced in whatever sport you’re trying to participate in,” said Nalaielua.

Gryston Fonseca, junior and applied sustainability major, also feels that intramural sports have been a fun but competitive environment. Not only are students able to break a sweat but they can create connections with other students. 

“It allows me to play sports without being super serious, and it allows me to make friends,” said Fonseca.

Fonseca has participated in multiple sports this semester including outdoor volleyball and indoor soccer. Fonseca said he likes the organization of the sports team because it allows different groups of students to hang out and get to know each other. 

“On our team, we have freshmen and sophomores, and I’m a junior”, said Fonseca. “We also have seniors and people who are doing the extra semester. So it’s a good way for people to hang out and play sports together when we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.”

Mallory Hiefield, head director of intramural sports, encourages students to get involved in intramural sports for multiple benefits. 

“It can be a workout if you’re out there running around in soccer or bouncing around on the volleyball court,” said Hielfield. “So I think it’s a good stress reliever, a good break from studying for exams.” 

Any student that is interested in joining intramural sports at Pacific University can go to or the IMLeagues app. Students have the option to either join or create a team to compete. Intramural sports will be running all year long, offering a variety of sports. — Casey Green


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