Roller Coaster Ride Of A Season

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Pacific University Women’s Volleyball team has had their fair share of ups and downs this season; winning clutch games, but also coming up short in close competitions. A chance of redemption is possible for the team with the second round of conference play starting up. The Boxers plan to look past their bumpy start to the season and get back in the win column.

Kip Yoshimura, head coach of the women’s volleyball team, said his team has not played up to their expectations and abilities. Yoshimura believes they can improve upon the first half of the season. 

“We certainly are used to winning seasons,” Yoshimura said. “We need to be able to control the ball pass better. We need to be able to execute the skills we are capable of doing. We do it a lot and we need to be more consistent.”

Rhylee Corpuz, a sophomore defensive specialist, acknowledges that their team has not had the results they had hoped for at the start of the season, but she is excited to see how her team responds and finishes out the season. 

“There has been so much growth and improvement from the beginning of the season to now and the team chemistry is so comforting and loving,” Corpuz said. “It’s exciting to know we still have a lot of season ahead to show more improvement and be competitive.”

 Savannah Cox, assistant coach of the women’s volleyball team, describes that the Boxers know what they’re up against, and with all that has happened this season, they’re motivated to make a statement in the upcoming conference games.

“I feel really good about our team moving into the second half of the season,” said Cox. “We are motivated by our losses. I think the players feel that and they’re just trying to find their rhythm as a team. They depend on each other to work through this and to get better. I think they feel on fire and ready to go in this second round of the conference.”

As the Pacific Women’s Volleyball team continues to work and improve upon their mistakes, they look forward to the future of the team. The team is motivated to finish out the season with everything they got. — Todd Takeuchi


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