Many of the athletes at Pacific go through the struggles of recovery after enduring a variety of sports-related injuries, with some more severe than others. With these setbacks, athletes question their athletic capabilities and whether or not they can even return to their sports after rehab. 

Isaiah Africano, a senior forward for Pacific’s Men’s Basketball team, In April 2021, Africano endured a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee. He explained that with the recovery process, there are still improvements that need to be met, before he can go back to practicing. 

“Ever since my surgery on May 25th, it has been a constant grind,” Africano said. “Nonstop general strength drills and modified workouts, all with the fact that I had to learn how to walk properly. But I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I get back to my team when the season comes.”

Tyler Nakata, a senior left-handed pitcher for Pacific’s baseball team, tore the labrum in his left shoulder last spring. The trainers helped Nakata establish a rehab program built specifically for the torn labrum in his left shoulder. 

“The trainers here at Pacific have helped me realize not only what needs to get done to be back on the field, but how to stay healthy through the duration of the season,” Nakata said.. “From learning proper procedures for heat and ice to enduring various amounts of pain through rehab exercise, to even establishing an effective stretching routine. They have helped me get better over time.”

Parker Manalo, the senior guard for Pacific’s Men’s basketball team, recently fractured his right wrist, making it hard for Manalo to shoot and even pass the basketball. Manalo realizes this injury is something that needs to be carefully looked at if he wants his senior season to be successful.

“I’m itching to get back on the court, but I know that taking the necessary precautions is the right decision,” Manalo said. “One bump along the road is not going to determine how my senior season will turn out. I will continue to seek the trainer’s advice to ensure I will be ready to go when my name is called come game time.” 

Boxer athletes are motivated to rebound back after their injuries to ensure successful seasons by devoting themselves to their rehab.  Todd Takeuchi

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Todd Takeuchi is a senior from Torrance, CA. He is majoring in Journalism, with a minor in Film/Video Production, and also plays for the baseball team at Pacific University. He hopes to make a career in the sports media industry after college. 

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