Advice from Graduating Boxer Seniors

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Many of the senior student-athletes at Pacific have had their season’s end. Highlighting the journey and overcoming any obstacles brought about through playing the sports they love dearly. All while congratulating their accomplishments during the senior night while repping a Pacific uniform one last time. As seniors look back and realize how much sports had impacted their lives, many provide first-year students with tips and recommendations to enjoy their time at the Pacific and make the most out of it.

Kristi Echiverri, a senior Cross Country runner, expressed how bittersweet this experience was when realizing that her last race was the end to a great experience. Echiverri loves all the connections she made through the sport and makes it adamant to those questioning competing at the college level because once it’s over, there’s no turning back.

“Never take anything for granted,” Echiverri stated. “Always compete like it’s your final race or game. I’m sad I won’t be competing alongside my teammates anymore, but I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. Now I can close a phenomenal chapter in my life, with no regrets, and get ready for the next.”

Ethan Kameshige, senior running back for the Pacific football team, emphasizes how important it is to consistently work hard and “ball out” for your team on every occasion because you don’t realize how fast time flies by until you get to the end. 

“Your time will come, so take advantage of every opportunity,” Kameshige said stated. “I feel so relieved I can focus on school now, but I will definitely miss the grind and the feeling of camaraderie within the entire football team.”

Kenyon Harris, the senior quarterback for the Pacific football team, says to take note of others that help along the way and cherish those connections you make. Harris emphasized the importance of taking advantage of all Pacific opportunities and believing in your capabilities as an athlete. 

“Utilize all the resources you have at Pacific academically and athletically,” Harris said. “Try not to get caught up in the moment, good or bad. It’s a bummer that I will never be able to play for Pacific again, but I’ve made plenty of connections here with the guys on the team.”, and I am excited to see what’s in store for me when I’m done; here at Pacific.” — Todd Takeuchi


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