How a Pregame Routine Helps Athletes Succeed

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Athletes are known to have pregame rituals that help them prepare for competition. Many athletes struggle with their mental toughness, and getting into the correct headspace can determine how the match goes. The Pacific Boxer swimming team has its rituals to do just that. 

Adrienne Powell, a senior swimmer for Pacific, says the preparation for meet day starts the night before with a good dinner and a whole night’s sleep. 

“Once I get to the meet, I try to focus on where I am at that moment so I can be all in mentally for my events,” said Powell. “I do the same warm-up routine we do in practice and make sure I practice dives, especially if it’s an away meet so I can get used to the blocks.”

Conner Gates, a junior on the Pacific Swim Team, prioritizes preparing mentally before every swim meet. 

“I start by listening to music pretty much every second before I get in the water for warm-up,” said Gates. “Then before each of my races, I’m just focusing on one thing I can perfect in each race, so I’m not overthinking anything and potentially screwing it up.” 

All athletes need to be prepared mentally and physically before a competition. Gates said the captains play a significant role in checking in on everyone and making sure they compete individually and as a team. 

“Captains always speak before each meet to try and get everyone focused up, then we all take part in a team cheer,” said Gates.

But sometimes, it’s not a speech or a warm-up that gets the team ready. The Pacific swimming Head Coach, Elizabeth Whittle, gave us an insight into a pregame tradition the team has.

“The swimmers draw names and make large, super creative signs for each other that get hung up at the pool. This is a unique team tradition, and it’s fun to see the finished products each season,” said Whittle

They look to continue with these traditions to help with a successful 2022 season. The Boxer swim team will compete next at Whitworth University, in Spoke, Washington, on January 1st.  — Rustin Williams


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