Can the Boxer’s Make it to the Moon?!

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The Boxers have hit the road and been racking up miles to fire up the year!

Our fall sports teams have had a packed preseason going into their regular season. volleyball traveled to Chicago, two-thirds the way across the country, for a tournament the first week of September. The men’s soccer team flew to Santa Cruz for two matches the first week of September as well as the football team traveled to California for a Saturday game. Our women’s soccer team was seen in Idaho and cross-country traveled to Washington for their second competition. All told, it is nearly enough miles to travel to the moon and back! 

“I think the consistent travel schedule can affect people differently,” says Braeden Lowe, a senior tight end on the football team. “Sometimes it can be good because it’s a whole weekend that is just focused on one goal, which is the game or games that are ahead of you. Other times it can be a huge distraction as obviously playing at home you get to stay around things that are familiar to you and things are the same every home game.”

The moon is 238,900 miles away from earth and our sports teams have traveled 156,942.6 miles so far. 

Football (50 Players): 49,900 

Pomona-Pitzer, Claremont California, 998 miles (September 16, loss 17-24) 

Women’s Soccer (30 Players): 27,555 Miles  

Portland State University, Hillsboro Oregon, 25 miles (August 27, loss 0-4) 

Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa Idaho, 440.1 miles (September 9, Big win! 2-1) 

College Of Idaho, Caldwell Idaho, 431.8 miles (September 10, loss 0-3) 

George Fox, Newberg Oregon, 21.6 miles (September 16, Big win! 2-0) 

Men’s Soccer (22 players): 34,368.4 Miles 

Multnomah, Portland Oregon, 32.4 miles (September 1, tie 0-0) 

Bushnell, Eugene Oregon, 29.7 miles (September 4, tie 2-2) 

University of California, Santa Cruz California, 699.5 miles (September 8, loss 0-2) 

California Lutheran University, Santa Cruz California, 779 miles (September 10, tie 2-2) 

George Fox, Newberg Oregon, 21.6 miles (September 16, loss 0-1) 

Women’s Volleyball (18 Players): 42,418.8 Miles 

University of Wisconsin, Chicago Illinois, 2,147.1 miles (September 1, loss 0-3) 

North Park University, Chicago Illinois (September 1, loss 1-3) 

Westminster University, Chicago Illinois (September 2, loss 1-3) 

St. Norbert College, Chicago Illinois (September 2, loss 1-3) 

West Coast Baptist, McMinnville Oregon, 25.1 miles (September 9, Big win! 3-0) 

George Fox, Newberg Oregon, 21.6 miles (September 13, loss 1-3) 

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Washington, 162.8 miles (September 15, loss 0-3) 

Women’s Golf (8 players): 54.4 Miles  

Pacific Invitational Tournament, Banks Oregon, 6.8 miles (September 16-17, Big win!)  

Men’s Golf: None yet 

Men’s & Women’s Cross country (14 runners): 2,646 Miles 

Linfield University, Mcminnville Oregon, 26.2 miles (September 1) 

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Washington, 162.8 miles (September 16) 

— Kya Kearns


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