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The Women’s Softball team looks to rebuild this upcoming season with a new head coach.

   With multiple head coaches in the past four years, Pacific University women’s softball has had a revolving door of leadership. And, after a tumultuous and reportedly stressful, is hoping that the newest coach to step into the position brings stability. 

   In early November, Shelly Prochaska was named the interim head coach of the women’s softball team.

A former All-Pac-10 and Easton All-American catcher at Oregon State, Prochaska recently held positions at her alma institution. During her tenure at Oregon State, the Beavers advanced for the 2022 Women’s Softball College World Series, and the coaching staff received the title of Pacific Region Coaching Staff of the Year.

   The players have indicated their desire for a more organized environment and have had the opportunity to work with Coach Prochaska during the fall season. In the 2022-2023 season, the Boxers had a conference record of 5-23; their worst finish in the past four years. But this upcoming season, the Boxers have depth with over 30 players on the varsity team and over 15 freshmen and seasoned transfers joining.   Samatha Madison, sophomore and first baseman, expressed her excitement for the new expectations that coach Prochaska was already bringing in the fall. “She is the type of person who wants to win, and especially coming from a division one,” explained Madison. “We are going to get a different level of intensity our program needs.”


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