Dip Into Big Dipper Dough

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For many students on campus, the Pink Spoon is a convenient spot to hang out with friends after an evening of studying or to celebrate passing your exams. Now, there is an extra something offered to help sweeten up student’s nights: Pink Spoon is now carrying Big Dipper edible cookie dough. 

“I started Big Dipper Dough going on five years ago with no experience in food,” said Austin Groesser, CEO and founder of the company. It all started while he was training for a marathon. Since Groesser was depriving himself of sugar and always hungry, he was thinking about all of the sweet things he wanted to be eating. Then, the lightbulb went off for an edible raw cookie dough. 

“People love cookie dough, but you’re not supposed to eat it because you can get sick. But, if you make it safe, people will pick it up and love it,” said Groesser. 

Big Dipper Dough left the ground, or rather, Groesser’s mother’s kitchen, in the fall of 2015. Now, the company has grown from just one store in northern Michigan to about 3,000 stores across the country. 

Pink Spoon carries the dough as a topping, as a standalone product to eat by itself, or to take home and save in the freezer. As a topping, Pink Spoon offers chocolate chip, monster dough, Oreo cookie dough and confetti dough. For the individual portions, they offer monster dough, Oreo cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie, confetti, their naked dough and oatmeal chocolate chip. 

Callie Gould, an employee at Pink Spoon, is a big fan of the new product. “I love the chocolate chip cookie dough,” she said. “It’s super simple but really good. And also, you can’t go wrong with the oatmeal cookie dough and the naked dough.” 

For students who are looking for an extra little pick me up, go check out the edible raw cookie dough available at Pink Spoon while you can! — Ella Cutter

Photo by James Vitulli, provided by Big Dipper Dough.


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