Index Staff Playlist: Halloween and Horrorcore Galore

Halloween is upon us, and as we all seek out horror movies and seasonal thrills, why not keep the festivities going with some songs to get you in the spirit of the season? Whether it be horrorcore rap or lighthearted animated ghouls, the Index Staff provide a few songs to add to your Halloween night…

 “Perfect” – Capoxxo ft. Dreamcache and oaf1

“Perfect” is an emo rap song floating in the very specific nostalgia of “Dance Dance Revolution” and Basshunter. Its eurodance instrumentation, y2k production, and single-idea structure evoke the second-hand embarrassment from the golden age of the series. But the song avoids the era’s pitfalls through melancholic verses and a genuine love for the pure enthusiasm of its forebears. What’s old is new again, and what’s cringe is cool again; “Perfect” proves genres like eurodance, dubstep, and nightcore can be revolutionary simply due to the fearless emotion they represent to pre-irony Gen-Z listeners. It’s a movement worth keeping an eye on. – Quint Iverson

Ghost + Guest” – Louie Zong

Although Louie Zong’s song “Ghost + Guest” may not be spooky, it’s a telltale sign that Halloween is approaching. This is the third year Zong has created a ghost song and an animation to go along with it. His previous singles have been called “Ghost Duet” and “Ghost Choir” and featured some ghastly ghosts singing sweet songs. “Ghost + Guest” is the first ghost single to feature a skeleton who uses their body like a marimba. The music starts slightly somber but then is reawoken into a lively tune when the skeleton appears. It really sounds like you’re listening to ghosts and a skeleton sing. “Ghost + Guest” is a fairly short song but it’s a staple of the Halloween season. — Grace Alexandria

“’96 Neve Campbell (feat. Cam & China) – clipping.

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” asks Ghostface in the iconic opening scene of 1996’s Scream. The line, the character, and the franchise itself have all become cultural phenomena and staples of the horror genre. And with such impact, it’s no wonder why experimental hip-hop group clipping. have chosen to pay it their due respects. clipping. specialize in the dark side of hip-hop, playing with industrial sounds to create what can only be described as the horror movie equivalent of music. Just the title of their latest album–Visions of Bodies Being Burned–is enough to give off this vibe. But with “’96 Neve Campbell,” the group leans into the theme even more. A direct ode to the Final Girl of horror movie tropes (in Scream, the role went to Sidney Prescott, played by actress Neve Campbell), “’96 Neve Campbell” is a dark, menacing, but equally powerful track, featuring killer flows from rap duo Cam & China, a catchy hook from Daveed Diggs, and phenomenal production from William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes. It’s a perfect track for horror fans, for Scream fans especially, or for anyone wanting to get into the Halloween spirit. And if you wanna step even further into the darkness of clipping., their 4th album is available now. Just be sure to prepare yourself. It’s not a light listen. — Bren Swogger

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels


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