Tired of Being Tired? Pacific Students Open Up About Hitting the COVID Wall

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It’s March again. Students have officially spent a year of their college lives in a pandemic, with episodes of wildfires and snowstorms in between. After a year of virtual life and quarantine, have students finally gotten the hang of things?

“I’m tired of being tired & depressed. The pandemic wall is real,” Comedian Franchesca Ramsey tweeted on February 18th of this year. 

Essentially, hitting the “COVID wall” is feeling a loss of energy because of the lifestyle people have had to adapt to. Virtual school and jobs have led to this loss of energy,motivation, and stress-induced headaches. It’s like everyone is in a “burnt out” period.

“I’ve kind of come to terms that this is gonna be our situation for a while, so the hope has kind of disappeared,” said Sarah Branstetter, physical therapy major at Pacific University. She mentioned how it at least felt hopeful some parts last year that we were heading towards an end to the pandemic, but now it looks like we’re in it for the long haul.

Branstetter, like many students at Pacific, feels like she has hit the COVID wall by having a lack of energy and effort. On the Pacific Index Instagram page, a poll asked students if they had felt that they were hitting the COVID wall and 92% of voters voted yes.

“I thought that this would get easier,” said Carmen Bruno, a politics and government major at Pacific, “but it seems like the more that Zoom University goes on the harder it gets, which I definitely didn’t expect.” 

Both students mentioned that the COVID wall hit harder towards the end of fall semester. For others, they may be feeling it more this semester. Bruno and Branstetter explained how they have noticed that the COVID wall is affecting not just students, but professors and parents as well. 

March 13th will mark the one year anniversary of the beginning of quarantine in Washington County. Even though we are in a technologically advanced society, it does not take one year to get the hang of life virtually; especially with such a quick switch up. Everyone has handled this quarantine differently, but one thing is for sure, the pandemic wall is real. — Ashley Meza

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