Sera Delle Arti Showcase Continues Tradition of Art Displays Online and In-Person

Pacific University Drama Club presented the Sera Delle Arti display on Friday, April 30 at 7 pm. The showcase displayed art from various genres created by members of the Pacific community in the lobby of Warner Hall as well as in an online virtual gallery. A livestream of some performances accompanied the online gallery, continuing the Drama Club’s long-standing tradition of presenting live performance art alongside graphic and visual creations. 

Drama Club President and Event Organizer Emily Smith said the livestream and online gallery was meant to retain as much of a varied artistic experience from the in-person version of the event as possible.

 “What it would usually be is live [showcases] happening at one location and then just art displays around,” said Smith. “It will be like we’re doing a live show, but it’s just online.” 

The art and performances being offered online gave all students the opportunity to be a part of Sera Delle Arti without having to be on campus. 

“We’re very much just trying to keep the energy of lots of different forms of art,” said Smith. 

The physical and online displays consisted of widely varied works like drawings, poems, short plays, and even painted masks students created in a Theatrical Makeup and Mask Design class. 

Artist Elizabeth Swetland submitted several short plays, poems, and paintings to Sera Delle Arti across both the physical and online galleries. 

“I chose the paintings specifically that I did because I made it all over quarantine and wanted to showcase some art I was super proud of that nobody has gotten to see in person,” said Swetland.  

Pacific’s Improv Troupe also made an appearance at the live event for a performance that offered audience members a sneak peak of their Spring 2021 Charity Stream for the Oregon Food Bank on May 4. 

“We basically did a few of the games that we’re going to do for our improv livestream,” said sophomore improv performer Abby Weinman. “[It was] sort of a preview for it.” Students can still access some of the art on display at Sera Delle Arti on the Drama Club’s virtual gallery which is available through a publicly accessible Google Doc. The livestream featuring some short play readings and the Pacific Improv Troupe’s performance is available on YouTube. –Isabelle Williams

Photo: Masks created by theater students Dawson Oliver and Emily Smith on display at the in-person event. (Emily Smith)


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