Index Staff Playlist – chill vibes

This week’s playlist was inspired by some chill music to study too since the middle of the semester is here and students have been working hard in their classes.

Just Keep Swimming – The Disneylanders

When college life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming. One of my favorite things about Disney movies is that they have short and simple, but iconic lines that can be great advice in the real world. One of the most iconic ones from Disney’s Finding Nemo was Dory’s short “Just Keep Swimming” song that she sang to Marlin to keep his hopes up and push through the uncertainty. The middle of the semester is typically when reality hits and everything feels overwhelming. The Disneylanders are a New Age music group that turns those iconic Disney lines into catchy tunes. Their song “Just Keep Swimming” has a serene vibe to it, making it perfect for zoning out as you study or get some work done. The sound of soft waves in the background adds a different sense of serenity to the music, which really helps in those frustrating moments of midterms. — Ashley Meza

Champagne Coast by Blood Orange

Blood Orange makes the best chill beats out there. Whether I’m cooking dinner, studying, driving around with friends, or just feel like slowing down a bit, he’s kind of my go-to artist; I don’t think I’ve ever disliked his songs. I heard this one in particular for the first time a few years ago while watching HBO’s Euphoria and immediately added it to my studying Spotify playlist. I’m not sure what it is about it that helps me to relax and focus, but it always seems to do the trick when I’m doing homework. — Isabelle Williams

Moonsiders 1st by Taku Inoue

Fighting video game players swear by “Moonsiders 1st”. If you’re practicing in “Tekken” and not listening to it, something has gone wrong. There’s just something about it that makes it endlessly loopable, entertaining, and focusing—I think it has something to do with the production, repeating the same interesting chord progression in different soundscapes, with new drum lines and basslines, turning the song into ear candy. “Moonsiders 1st” is kinetic, seamlessly moving from a bouncing walk to a dancing strut light, breezy levitation within a minute’s time. Every loop, it stuns me how effortlessly it draws everything back and returns to one. “Tekken” players swear by “Moonsiders 1st” for a reason—and I definitely swear by it too. — Quint Iverson


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