Campus leaves have fallen and holiday break is almost upon us. This term, if you’ve been following my columns, you would know that I’ve been writing about topics such as Apology Languages, Sex Toys, and The Sexualization of Halloween Costumes. While these are lighthearted and fun to write, they are missing one thing; the male perspective. 

As a woman, I view my world through my experiences. My columns often come from feminist, progressive, and sexual liberation contexts, with my focus on empowering women and couples. This isn’t always sunshine and roses, but it’s fulfilling. I know that I’m leaving out a significant portion of the campus population when I write from my perspective; Specifically, I feel the need to address things from the male perspective. I would love to hear what students want to know about, as well as feedback about my previous articles. What can I improve? What can I include in order to appeal more to you, the reader? What topics do you want to learn more about? How can I include your lived experience in my writing?

If you would like to be heard, please contact me via

This process is anonymous, and I will not publish or talk with anyone about your questions or concerns unless directed to do so by you. 

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Haley Berger is a Pacific junior and public health major. She enjoys painting, listening to 1970’s R&B, and spending time with her beloved cat, Moose.

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