Index Staff Playlist: Nostalgic Songs for the Holidays

This week, Editor Ashley Meza and Writer Jazmine Henning share songs that give them nostaligic feelings about the upcoming holidays and gloomy weather.

White Teeth Teens by Lorde

White Teeth Teens, A.K.A the popular kids. We all know who they are when we think of them from our high school days. Stereotypically, having white teeth is usually the epitome of being clean and popular, hence the term White Teeth Teens. This song gives me a nostalgic feeling because it was released during the peak of Tumblr in 2013, and what screams “I was a wallflower with a Tumblr blog in high school” more than a Lorde playlist. Being home for the holidays means that there is a very real possibility of running into some of the old popular kids at a Target. Just remember we’ve got our methods to avoid them and they don’t have any power anymore. — Ashley Meza

Parks and Altars by Mallcops

Parks and Altars by Mallcops takes you on a nostalgic journey through the adventures you once had with someone you love (platonically or romantically). The classic feelings of angst of hating your hometown and dreaming of something better, yet with a twist of finding a person who makes it tolerable and, sometimes, even pleasant. Late-night adventures that felt magical and endless. Driving with no destination in mind and just enjoying each other’s company. Exploring the hideaways of your hometown. I know that I find it hard to sometimes return home for the holidays, but this song helps to remind me that it isn’t all terrible. Despite the anxieties that returning home can bring, this song awakens fond memories of my boyfriend and friends during high school; the people that made it not so bad. — Jazmine Henning


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