Center for Gender Equity Creates Community While Customizing Shirts

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Every Wednesday at 7 p.m., the Rainbow Coalition hosts an unwinding activity in the Center for Gender Equity (CGE) . Inside their office, you can find a welcoming environment for queer individuals. CGE’s goal is to promote equity around gender and sexuality by partaking in activism and supporting the Pacific communities queer folk. Rainbow Co’s President Cleo Whelan describes the club as a “Friendly, fun, supportive, and an overall diverse club.” 

Cleo also said being a part of Rainbow Co. has allowed them to participate in a social setting while being recognized as a friend by all. 

This week’s activity was customizing shirts provided by Rainbow Co. with fabric markers, embroidery thread, and miscellaneous fabrics. Students brought their imagination to Wednesday night’s activity which produced cropped shirts, embroidery flowers, and even handmade shirt pockets. While making the shirts, music and conversation filled the air.

 Anyone is welcome to attend Rainbow Co. or drop by the CGE. There are many resources available such as hotlines, information about the LGBTQ+ community, and upcoming events on campus for you to use to your own advantage. Kat Casaubon, the Gender Equity Committee chair at the CGE hopes to see more community events in the future. 

“We’re doing a lot of cool little field trips and I hope we continue to do those in the future,” said Casaubon. — Emaleah Hursh


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