Pacific’s Dance Ensemble Performs Spring Dance Works

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Pacific’s Dance Ensemble performed the Spring Dance Works show April 21-23 in Tom Miles Theater. Pacific’s dance ensemble features students from many different dance backgrounds who all come together to move with each other. Many different styles of dance filled the theater, including ballet, jazz, modern, and tap. This spring’s performance features works from dance instructors and senior students. The three nights each had a good turnout; many Pacific students attended, including family and friends of the ensemble dancers. 

Senior students Lauren Nagatoshi, Abby Schmidt, and Kayla Cooley all choreographed pieces telling stories that were important to their own development as people during their past four years at Pacific. Cooley’s dance focused on mental health and how that may look from an audience’s perspective. In the end, the dancers came together and sat at the edge of the stage, close to the audience. This part of the piece was like a breath of fresh air, the chaos calmed down, and each dancer found their own way of ending the piece. 

Another piece was a collaboration with two senior choreographers, Naga and Abby. Their piece was a combination piece that told a story that they worked on closely together. These students incorporated technique and artistry into each piece they created by showcasing their talents and ideas through movement. 

 “This dance show has been such an incredible experience for me and my friends,” said freshman Katie Gillam, who performed in the show. 

Sophomore Grace Hankins says, “I am so grateful to have shared the stage with so many talented dancers, we have worked hard the past couple of months to put this show together and I think it more than paid off.” 

There were eight pieces in this season’s show, which showcased the talent of the ensemble and the minds behind the choreography. The dances also featured costumes of different colors and textures for each dance which helped deliver the message to the audience. 

Freshman Jamie Jenson says, “This show created an incredible bond between all of the dancers and I’m so lucky to have been a part of it.” — Emaleah Hursh


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