Editorial: bridge between university, students

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Students are accused of not being aware of activities beyond their social lives.

Well, the students at Pacific University do not have to fret.

The university will send out an email last minute to make sure students are kept in the loop. Last year through an email, students were notified about the required two-part Alcohol-Wise test a month before fall semester started along with a threat that if it was not completed in 30 days we would not be able to register for classes.

In response to the hundreds of complaints, the university did acknowledge that a notification should have been sent out earlier in the summer.

But that does not solve the issue of communicating with the people who are paying for his or her own college experience. But for students who are paying to be here and be involved, this issue of communication is frustrating.

Winter term 2014, lab and art fees were sprung upon students when registering for classes and once again, through last minute emails.

The lack of communication about these newly inspired fees ignited a student protest in Trombley Square.

Almost half an hour later, President Lesley Hallick got rid of those student fees.

This year, Greek Life pledging was cancelled and yet again, without first having a conversation with sororities and fraternities beforehand.

The university only gave two days notice before this year’s club fair, which immediately ignited backlash and confusion.

Information regarding the changes in tobacco policy was sent out five months before it was enacted, but there was no forum or survey discussing the changes.

It is situations like these that cause students to respond immediately with anger geared towards the university.

We are deemed to be adults by society and the university, yet we are not treated as such.

The universities cannot expect students to cooperate with them if they are not including the general population in the conversations that impact daily student and campus life.

There needs to be a respect of autonomy.

There needs to be a two-way bridge of communication, rather than a hierarchy of people pulling the rug from under our feet.

When ACE Board cancelled Boxer Ball, they explained their reasoning and worked with students to change dance protocols for future events and come up with a system that ensured student safety and still allowed for the fun offered at dances.

ACE Board and Campus Wellness held a gathering after a dance last year wanting feedback from students to see how they could improve student experience.

Knowing students still wanted dances, they worked with those who attended in creating a safer environment for everyone.

Just to clarify, we are not saying the university is always at fault. Maybe students need to get more involved.

Maybe we need show we are mature enough to have an intellectual conversation with faculty members.

Yet, how can we if we are not a part of the university’s decisions. If the university is planning any changes or adding fees, all we are asking is to let us work with you.

We have voices wanting to be heard. We, as students live on this campus, learn on this campus, grow on this campus and love this community.

Decisions that affect this campus and the student community need to be publicly discussed and given fair time for discussion.


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