Hall-O-Safe provides safe place to trick or treat

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As Halloween draws closer, dorms are preparing for competition.

Hall-O-Safe is not only an opportunity for members of the community to bring their children into a safe trick-or-treating environment, but it is a group effort amongst each residence hall to be festive and competitive at the same time. Each wing of the residence halls will choose a specific theme to follow when decorating and preparing to welcome trick-or-treaters at each individual door.

The winner of the competition will be chosen by members of RHA. Judgments will be based upon not only the creativity and originality of each wing’s theme, but also the overall appeal and reaction that was given by visitors.

Popular themes that have been seen in the past include Willy Wonka, abandoned cityscapes, spooky pumpkin patches and even haunted churches. Although it is undetermined what themes will be taken on at this year’s Hall-O-Safe residence hall competition, a few of the ideas that were seen spread across the brainstorming sheet one wing read, “Halo,” “Super Mario Bros. Brawl,” and downright “Scary Freaky Scariness.” The final results will definitely be a surprise to Pacific’s visitors on Halloween night.

The festivities will be taking place form 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct. 31.


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