Graphic design major a possibility for Spring 2012

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For students interested in graphic design, Pacific is working on establishing a graphic design major. There is still work to be done but, progress is being made to build a graphic design program for media art students.

According to Media Arts professor Mike Geraci, talks and a proposal of a graphic design major arose at College of Arts and Sciences Council one year ago. CASC was looking for majors to new and different kinds of students. Faculty members in the media arts department investigated the availability of a graphic design major in small liberal arts school in the area and came to the conclusion that there is a need for this major to cater to those students interested.

Geraci said he is hopeful that the program will attract students because of the lack of graphic design programs in the Pacific Northwest. He looked at many of the liberal arts universities in Washington and Oregon and only one school, Pacific Lutheran, has a graphic design program, but it is still fairly new.

Graphic design refers to various artistic disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. Graphic design is used in publications, branding, advertising, product logos and on web sites.
A big challenge for those who are trying to develop the program is the lack of space on campus, Geraci said. Those proposing the program would like to allow students to utilize two on-campus computer labs so students could complete coursework; however they are having trouble finding the facilities on campus.

Geraci said they are thinking about bringing in a sustainability aspect to the discipline by providing classes that deal with sustainable graphic design.
He expects Pacific would be able to start offering classes related to graphic design in Fall 2011 or as early as Spring 2012.


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