University planning advising center

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Beginning in January, students will have another resource for advising questions.  The university is currently in the process of hiring a director to head a new advising center.

According to Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences Steve Smith, the advising center is likely to be located in Scott Hall, though where in the building is still undetermined.

Smith said that the center will not replace any current advising practices, but will serve to “add value to the system” by providing a centrally located place where students can go and ask questions related to planning their courses.

The center will feature one full time director, and will eventually involve work-study positions for students.  Once the center opens, services will be offered to students Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a walk-in basis.

Smith said that funding for the new center was due to the return of football.  Money was set aside from the increase in enrollment to set up the center and to provide more services for students.

However, the idea for the advising center has been on Smith’s mind for much longer.  Smith has been trying to establish the center for approximately eight years and with the new funding, it is now becoming reality.

A search committee is currently searching for a director to head the center.


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