Facilities heats up Walter room to kill bedbugs

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On Tuesday, Nov. 16 facilities treated a room on the first floor of Walter for bed bugs. One section of the first floor has been closed off because there is at least one confirmed case of bedbugs and they don’t want them to spread to other rooms.

To treat the room, pest control heated the room to 130 degrees for 30 minutes to kill the insects.

According to facilities, the situation at Pacific is not any worse than schools in our division. If a student finds bedbugs in their room, the housing staff encourages them to contact the Residence and Housing Office. To prevent transferring bedbugs from one place to another, students should wash all bedding, clothes and any other possessions using a high temperature.

Residence and Housing has been working to address the issue since August when they sent a memo confirming at least one case in Walter.


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